Monday, May 20, 2013

Start of summer weekend!!!!! - Monday's menu

This week we are starting the little guy on a more advanced soccer team....and so begins the two-times a week practice.  I'd forgotten how it changes everything.  We are also headed "down the shore" with my sisters and their families...our house here will be fully occupied by our now-21-year-old and his friends.

Here's this week's menu....designed to make 14 people happy over the weekend....all with dietary issues and restrictions.  SIGH.

If you need ideas, check out

Black bean burritos – with queso fresco

Tuesday – soccer practice
Take grown man/boy out to dinner to celebrate his birthday


Thursday – soccer practice

Friday – heading to shore
BBQ chicken and rice - a meal my mom made for us when we were kids...she tore it out of a magazine ad for Kraft BBQ sauce in 1970-something

Saturday – beaching it
Spaghetti meatballs garlic bread and bag salad

Sunday - still hanging with the fam in the sand
Burgers, BP, garlic corn, and baked beans

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