Monday, April 15, 2013

Manic Monday

Last week I busted some bee-hind and...with the help of my my new 80 cubic foot garden installed.  It took all the energy I had.  So, no posts other than the menu.  I will post about the garden installation later.

Here is this week's menu.  Check out if you need suggestions.

Pan seared chicken with mushrooms and oven roasted potato salad (I cut the oil that it was roasted in and added balsamic while they were roasting.  Also used balsamic in the dressing)

Beer braised sausage and onions with homemade french fries

Wednesday – soccer practice 5-6
Honey lime chicken enchiladas and roasted beet salad

Pork with green chills and black beans and homemade tortillas

Friday – soccer practice 5-6/date night
Fettuccini alfredo with asparagus and mushrooms

Saturday – dinner/party at friends'
Soy/cola braised pork sliders with pickled veggies (I brown the meat, put it in my slow cooker, make the sauce in the pan, and then pour it over the meat in the slow cooker....cook 6-8 hours on low) - great meal to take to a potluck!

Swedish meatballs – teaching little guy to cook (got moved because of his busy social schedule)

More to come on the garden!!!!!

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Angela Horne said...

I'm a mom of all boys too, and it IS different, even from growing up with brothers AND sister, like I did! :)
Your menu looks yummy!