Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Local Fun Things to Do

In the last several weeks, school has ended.

This is the first year that my little guy was in school full-day…5 days a week.  I have MISSED him terribly. So, the last several weeks, we have been bonding again.  Snuggling, holding hands, playing games, etc.

But, I don’t want to just let his summer slip by without having a ton of fun.  To that end, I came up with a list of local free or low cost activities for us to do. After I did, I saw a list going around of 50 fun things to do in Philly.  There is some overlap between my own list and their….but I swear I didn't copy. I came up with more than 30 things on my own.

Some of the things I have chosen, are based on a few memberships that I have.  When I pick a membership, I look at the cost and what the reciprocal memberships are.  A perfect example of this is the Delaware Museum of Natural History.  They offer reciprocals at 4 VERY local places that we would have a good time at…including the “dinosaur” museum in Philly.  Make sure you read the fine print.  Does the reciprocal membership offer free admission or do you have to pay 50% of the entrance fee.  Are there any restrictions like day of the week or the distance from the reciprocal museum to the residence on your ID?  Are you limited to number of children you can bring?  Because I have an only child and I usually am watching one of my friend’s children, I always add a second child on when I fill out the membership.  That way I’m not charged for the favor I am doing my friend…but we’re still having fun.

All that said here’s the list that I came up with.  If you have any other suggestions, let me know.  I could use a few more!!!

Foot tour of Philly – pay what you want
Taylor Arboretum – let kids play in creek
Tyler Arboretum – treehouses and picnic (have membership)
Brandywine zoo – get in with Elmwood Park Zoo membership
Elmwood park zoo – have membership
Hagley Museum – get in with DMNH membership
Iron Hill Museum – get in with DMNH membership
Lego building competition
PJ/Movie day
Go to Statue of Liberty – request from the little guy
Day trip to the shore
Make s’mores
Catch fireflies
Scavenger Hunt/hike
Let kids pick a recipe and teach to make it
Learn to play piano
Go to Please Touch Museum (bought groupon)
Camp out in back yard
Academy of Natural Sciences - get in with DMNH membership
Have lunch at Philly food cart

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MemeGRL said...

Ooh, we're totally stealing some of your ideas. I am sure you have been but my boys beg to go to the Herr's Factory every summer and I am happy to oblige!
Also, you know about the 10 books = $10 thing at TD Bank, right? Print out the page from their website, jot down names and authors of 10 books your child reads this summer, and they put $10 in a TD account for him. They also have the cool change-counting machine there so I take the boys and their change every summer and they have nice little accounts there. Since they are sub-18 there are no fees attached. Happy summer!